How to read NanoVNA screen

Main screen 

1. START 2. STOP frequency 

Each frequency when start / stop is specified is displayed.

3. Marker 

The marker position for each trace is displayed. The selected marker can be moved in the following ways.

  • Drag a marker on the touch panel
  • Long press the lever switch

4. Calibration status 

Displays the data number of the calibration being read and the error correction applied.

  • C0 C1 C2 C3 C4 : Each indicates that the corresponding calibration data is loaded.
  • c0 c1 c2 c3 c4 : Each indicates that the corresponding number of calibration data is loaded, but the frequency range has been changed after loading, indicating that the error correction is using complement.
  • D : Indicates that directivity error correction is applied
  • R : refrection tracking Indicates that error correction is applied
  • S : source match Indicates that error correction is applied
  • T : transmission tracking Indicates that error correction is applied
  • X : indicates that isolation (crosstalk) error correction is applied

5. Reference position 

Indicates the reference position of the corresponding trace. You can change the position with DISPLAY SCALE REFERENCE POSITION .

6. Marker status 

The active marker that is selected and one marker that was previously active are displayed.

7. Trace status 

The status of each trace format and the value corresponding to the active marker are displayed.

For example, if the display is CH0 LOGMAG 10dB/ 0.02dB , read as follows.

  • Channel CH0 (reflection)
  • Format LOGMAG
  • Scale is 10dB
  • Current value is 0.02dB

For active traces, the channel display is reversed.

8. Battery status 

When a battery is installed and D2 on the PCB is already mounted, an icon is displayed according to the battery voltage.

Main screen 2 

9. CENTER frequency
10. Span 

Each frequency when the center frequency and span are specified is displayed.

The menu can be displayed by the following operations.

  • When a location other than a marker on the touch panel is tapped
  • Push the lever switch

Keypad screen 

12. Numeric keys 

Tap a number to enter one character.

13. Back key 

Delete one character. If no character is entered, the entry is canceled and the previous state is restored.

14. Unit key 

Multiplies the current input by the appropriate unit and terminates input immediately. In case of × 1, the entered value is set as it is.

15. Input field 

The name of the item to be entered and the entered number are displayed.

This page was translated from cho45’s NanoVNA User Guide.