Other recommended projects

Here are some other excellent radio projects that can be a useful addition to NanoVNA.

They are separate projects from NanoVNA and you can go to the relevant websites for details.


The tinySA is a small spectrum analyzer or signal generator, primarily intended for 0.1MHz to 350MHz input/output, but also offers high input/outputs up to 960MHz with limited performance.

tinySA has the same size as NanoVNA and is priced close to NanoVNA. Unlike previous low-cost spectrum analyzers, tinySA implements for the first time a similar architecture to that of professional heterodyne spectrum analyzers in a low-cost spectrum analyzer.
You can click here for the technical description of tinySA.

Note that tinySA is not open source hardware, if you want to get a tinySA, you need to buy it from a store authorized by the developer.


LibreVNA is a newly designed USB-based full 2-port vector network analyzer up to 6 GHz. It can provide up to 100dB of effective dynamics within 3GHz and has a measurement speed comparable to professional VNAs. For measurements requiring fast dual-port measurements, or those requiring high dynamic range, LibreVNA is a near replacement for professional VNAs.

LibreVNA is open source hardware, so you can try to make it yourself.
The complete production file is available here.

A simpler way is to buy the finished product already assembled.
You can buy LibreVNA at the following stores
AliExpress Zeenko Store
R&L Electronics in the United States
SHY store on Amazon
Eleshop B.V. in EU countries